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In the Month of July 1975, just one year after graduating high school, Linda Zapf crammed her 68 Fender Princeton amplifier, her mother's (1949) 00018 Martin Guitar.. a duffel bag of clothing, Cannon handheld super 8 Movie camera, Fujika (701 ) 35mm SLR with two lenses… and her mom's crockpot and Acme Vegetable Juicer.. into the back of a 1965 Blue Pontiac Bonneville Station Wagon. Along with her boyfriend David and another daring friend Jamie, they bungeed two hang glider kites that they had home-sewn from a kit to the top of the car. They started out on a life-changing adventure that would take them out of their hometown, the suburbs of Philadelphia, down to the Ozarks. All the way to the beaches of California, the launches at Big Sur, and up to Mount Hood, Oregon.

Finally to the grandest of all, the Tetons Mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In the two-year adventure of hang gliding and filming take-offs and landings, Linda’s life began to take shape far from her hometown where boredom and monotony ruled. They tent camped the entire slow two-month trip out to the West Coast. She was able to document the trip, writing music and filming the guy's radical yet life-lifting flights off of cliffs, mountains, and dunes found everywhere along the US routes across the Country. With no set plan other than Hang glide, film and end up in Jackson Hole for that ski season of 1975-76. All her interests came with her on this maiden trip. the first. She wrote and recorded the song, Two Hearts a year later after Davids's death, and the video was created in 2004.


LOCATIONS: Recorded at Craig Recording Studios in Jenkintown Pa. 1976

This was a solo Performance by Linda playing here 1949 Martin 000-18 guitar

Songwriter and Recording Artist - Linda Zapf Franklin


LOCATIONS:  AMERICA at various locations


LINDA ZAPF - Camera.
TOBY RYMKUS - Film Editor and Video Visionary.