PROTEST record SUN TO SHINE Studio Session with JIM WEIDER

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Dan Studio Center Valley Pa - The Lodge NYC

DAVID PRESTI - Management
JIM WEIDER - Producer 
Dan McKinney - assistant producer and mix engineer
Mastered by Emily Lazar - The Lodge
THE BAND - Johnny Dock - Martin prototype resonator guitar - Mike Kemp base - JIM WEIDER - D-40 Martin Acoustic guitar - Randy Ciarlante, drums 



Dan Studio Center Valley Pa


TOBY RUMKUS - Cinematography


TOBY RYMKUS - Film Editor

PROTEST Studio Session with JIM WEIDER


Live session with JIM WEIDER and RANDY CIARLANTE.

So we were looking for a producer for our PROTEST record and booked the recording session with Dan McKinney and he had connections with two producers/guitar players, Jim Weider and Steve Kimock. Steve is an unbelievable artist and I’m sure would have given us an amazing record. Synchronisticly we had played in the same clubs with Steve and the Goodman Bros back in the late 70s.
We chose Jim, I felt he would suit our style having been a part of The BAND for the last 20 years. “Humbly I say to you”… Little did we know that Jim would also bring Randy Ciarlante as the drummer who had played with Levon Helm and Jim for years. We had a quetasentual farm in Bucks County that served as the perfect place to put the boys up for lodging and rest. We had a Blast - Wine!!!
This record I wanted to cut raw, without rehearsal. Looking for the magic that would come from the unknown. I sent Jim a demo of the songs so the players could understand the essence of the song. When we laid down the track it was fresh.
I had just written Sun To Shine and had to read the lyrics while I was playing as it was the third time I played the song through. The video you are watching is the 1st take of the recorded track and is on the CD.