To David Presti

AKA David Dock

David was our music manager and Best friend from the beginning, throughout our music career. David had a heart of Gold, literally! He left us all way too young at the age of 56. I believe his early departure was because of his unceasing love and giving that poured out of him to all and anyone who knew him.

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David was so much fun to be around, His amazingly positive attitude was endless and contagious! The end of his earthly journey was devastating to me. I was unable to talk to anyone about the loss for eight years. In making our living autobio I have been able to reminisce and find joy in the memories of all the incredible times we had.

Wow, what stories we had!


From Lin,

Tribute to David Presti
AKA David Dock

We could never find a more compassionate, supportive, loving friend like David Presti. He believed in our talents and was a manager, keeping us going when things got rough. We miss him and his dear and loving Wife Nancy who passed just two years after David’s untimely death. 

Keep on Dockin David!

I shall never forget all of the great ideas he shared with us and being such a huge part of our Live on Mainstreet Video Concert. All the trips to NYC with which he was so acquainted. Everything he was a part of in our lives was successful. And thank you David for reminding us to never give up on our dreams.

We continue to miss you and know there will come a day we shall all be playing music together with you in the heavens. 

We will love you forever. 

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Here is an email thread between Nancy P and John after he sent her the video of “Life is very Short”.
From: Nancy P
To:  John Franklin
Date: Tuesday, 05/06/2014 9:52 AM

Thanks so very much, John. I remember viewing this before, it is beautiful.

I thought I'd tell you- I had a session with a medium about a month ago. She said many things that were true about David and what he sees. She said he is not unhappy, just misses me. He is waiting for me and is not far from me every day. He has not crossed over and is staying close to the physical world until I join him, which will not be soon-- and I will live a long life. In the past year, I have had quite a connection with him and I very much feel him close. I actually hear him --- and thoughts come into my head that I believe are from him. 

She said a variety of things that mostly rang true, but one thing she said was very interesting. She said that David loves music and was listening to music. He listens to 'Two Hearts' and likes it a lot. Pretty amazing huh?

Please share this will, Linda.

Also, nothing makes sense where he is that made sense before. And he feels guilty for leaving and having me stay and working so hard. 

Just so you know, I am doing fine and the kids are well. We are carrying on for him. 

Love you guys too.


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From: John Franklin
Sent: Monday, May 5, 2014 8:49 PM
To: Nancy P
Subject: Two Hearts

Nancy, Here is the link to Linda's song Two Hearts.
We Love you.