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Live Show Recording

LOCATIONS: Main Street Concert Hall - Spectra Sound - The Lodge NYC


DAVID PRESTI - Management

JAMIE MCGEE - Band director, Music producer, mix engineer
Mastered by Emily Lazar - The Lodge

THE BAND - Jamie McGee base - Craig Kastelnik keyboards - Jim Meyer, guitars - Franky G, piano - Neil Burton, drums  - Johnny Dock.

THE SINGERS - Linda Zapf Franklin - Christy Jefferson - Manasseh Franklin


LOCATIONS: Streets of NYC - Main Street Concert Hall

DECLAN QUINN - Cinematographer for Neil Young, The Rolling Stones and U2
He is a three-time winner of the Independent Spirit Award for Best Cinematography.

GERARD SAVA - Camara - known for his work on Men in Black and The Sopranos.

TOBY RYMKUS - Firm Editor

PAM PTAK - Make up & Wardrobe
PAUL WILCOX and GABE FRANKLIN - Prop director and stage builders

Once again, Johnny Dock wanted to be a voice for those of us who wake up every day to an alarm clock. Just to be acknowledged.

So I had another idea for a video, and I was to shoot it in the city walking through the city streets. Everyday occurrences of life were going on. Gerard Sava lived close to the city and met me in Manhattan. It was a beautiful summer day, not too hot, and about 10 AM. when we started to run the film. Gerard brought his camera, rather large the time to meet me at Grand Central. From there we started walking uptown through Manhattan. I had a small CD player in my back pocket with a wire that went up behind my shirt to earbuds that hid under my hair. It was a bit of a trick because I had to take the CD player out of my back pocket, press play - put it back in my pocket, and then I lip-synched the song as I strolled through the streets of NYC playing my guitar. 

It blew my mind how nobody and I mean-nobody seemed to care! They just went about their business as if I didn’t even exist. It was remarkable, it really showed me that people who live in New York City know how to stay focused on what their world is all about.

We had a great double performance that was filmed by world-renowned Declan Quinn with Gerard Sava at his side. The crew was amazingly attentive to every detail. We introduced many new songs that had not been recorded in the studio like Common Man, What I Do to Survive, Long Ride, Pennsylvania, Rices Market Blues, Back On Track, and more. They are all on the Live On Main record. It was so much fun to have our daughter Manasseh on stage as one of the singers.