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Live Show Recording

LOCATIONS: Main Street Concert Hall - Spectra Sound - The Lodge NYC


DAVID PRESTI - Management

JAMIE MCGEE - Band director, Music Producer, mix engineer

Mastered by Emily Lazar - The Lodge

THE BAND - Jamie McGee base - Craig Kastelnik keyboards - Jim Meyer, guitars - Franky G, piano - Neil Burton, drums  - Johnny Dock.

THE SINGERS - Linda Zapf Franklin - Christy Jefferson - Manasseh Franklin

It all starts with the music

Even though I wrote the song in first person I was using myself as the metaphor. it’s about all of us! Rich - poor, fat - skinny, famous, or I wish I was… At some point or another, we all have to get Back on Track. Johnny Dock took on the role of making it known. First the song, then the video.

Making the video was a hoot. Declan had been staying with us at the Bucks County Farm during the Live on Main concert shoot. I had the idea to do a music video using the song Back on Track from the concert. So after breakfast, we took a ride in my Porsche up to this cool old unused train station and he did some additional filming. We keep it for the mix. Then while Gerard Sava was staying with us we went up to the Pocono Race track. I had a buddy Rick who raced there. He was also a Porsche enthusiast and loved the idea of using his racing Porsche for the video. The raceway team was very supportive and worked with us through the shoot and even had a little celebration afterward. What fun!